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Our Viva Vega Philosophy

Viva Vega celebrates Mozambican vegetable-based cooking, blending the diverse influences that have shaped our traditional cuisine. Our meat-free, plant-based menu celebrates the diversity and global appeal of Mozambican cooking and hospitality.

Indulge in our Viva Vega Combos, perfect for 2 or 4 diners, and can be scaled for bigger groups. Discover individual plates and sides in the a la carte section of our menu.

Indulge in our Pescador Fisherman's Tackles combos, avaible for 2 or 4 diners, and larger groups. For individual plates and sides, explore our a la carte menu

All our ingredients are responsibly sourced from trusted local suppliers, reflecting our commitment to sustainability.

Our favorite memories are created around a table with
loved ones, seafood, and wine