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Friendship Start With Tapas, Beer And Wine

Please Tapas embodies the art of companionship, combining drinks, petiscos (tapas) and music. In Mozambique, pesticos embrace a variety of appetizers, ranging from cold options like olives or cheese to hot treats like fried shrimp.

In Mozambique, sharing orders of petiscos is customary. These delicacies are meant to be savoured in the company of friends, family and coworkers. Known as “petiscar”, this practice involves savoring tasty bites with loved ones.

Please Tapas introduces an innovative way to enjoy beers & snacks: Ice buckets filled with beer or wine paired with proportioned snacks. Whether at the counter or at a communal table, guests can relish in petiscos and drinks with family, friends or colleagues.

Our favorite memories are created around a table with
loved ones, seafood, and wine