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Our vision is to celebrate Mozambican food, culture and community by offering a culinary feast that captures the essence of Mozambique’s warmth, authenticity, and soul-stirring magic. Guests can experience a fusion of African, Eastern, and European flavours shaped by centuries of cultural exchange, all under one roof.


Our mission is to offer cultural exchange, conversations with friends and strangers, lively music and dance, and diverse, authentic Mozambican dishes and wines. We follow the tradition of sharing food and traditional beer, emphasising the importance of hospitality, generosity, and community.

What is +258?

It’s a single question with an array of answers!

A Petisco (Tapas) bar.
A steakhouse.
A seafood eatery.
A coffee and pastry bar.
A retail space.
A gallery.
A beautiful celebration of Mozambican food and culture.

We’re everything, under one roof. We view ourselves as a culinary marketplace, presenting a diverse array of menus to satisfy your specific cravings on any given day.

Why +258?

We created +258 to embody the true spirit of Mozambique. Our restaurant was created for visitors to have a truly immersive experience – to discover Mozambican food and flavours, to drink, shop at our deli, listen to music, and feel the authentic cultural representation of our amazing country.
For your protection and ours, we do not accept cash. Card or smart-device payments only.